Hardwood Floor Cleaner Recommendation

Hardwood Floor Cleaner Recommendation

When you choose hardwood flooring for your home or office, you're making a worthwhile investment. Hardwood is a long-lasting flooring solution that offers many benefits. Maintaining your hardwood floors properly is crucial. M.S. Hardwood Floors specializes in restoring and installing hardwood floors. We can also help you maintain your hardwood floors.

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Tips for effective hardwood maintenance

Here are some helpful hardwood flooring tips for maintaining your floors in the New Bedford, Taunton, Fall River, Dartmouth, Westport and Middleborough, MA areas:

If your floors start to look worn, call M.S. Hardwood Floors -

we'll touch up your floors so you don't have to pay for an expensive full restoration job down the road.

Sweep your floors often -

keeping your floors clean will minimize wear.

Vacuum properly -

when you vacuum, be sure to move the vacuum in the direction of the wood.

Use the right cleaning agents -

don't use harsh chemicals on your wood floors.

Keep moisture away -

never use a wet mop to clean your floors.

Invest in a hardwood floor cleaning kit -

We recommend Bona brand kits, which you can pick up at any big box store.

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Advice from the Owner

Floor maintenance is very important to protecting your investment on your freshly refinished floors. It's very important to clean and protect your floor correctly to avoid the costly and inconvenient process of refinishing your floors over and over again.

First would be protection! Keep in mind, once floors are freshly refinished, there is a curing process which varies depending on the type of finish. The most common finishes used today are oil based and water based polyurethanes. Typically both finishes can be walked on relatively quickly. Next day for oil, few hours for water. Oil will typically take 30 days to fully cure and water about a week or two. Furniture can comfortably be placed back on the floor in a couple days, but a couple weeks for area rugs. It's important to invest in quality felt pads for all sofas, chairs, end tables, etc. Anything that would directly have contact with the floor should have them and they come in all different sizes. Preferably ones that tack on last longer than the stick on. Area rugs and door mats should have quality felt or rubber mats underneath them. Felt works better under large rugs providing cushion and they are usually held in place by furniture. The rubber backing would be used under runners or doormats to prevent movement as well as slipping.

Now to prevent scratches, it's recommended to sweep or vacuum often to remove grit, sand, and anything else we track in daily. It's always best to go with the grain of the wood when cleaning. It's less likely to scratch the floor if you happen to catch a pebble or grit. The floor should never be wet mopped or steam cleaned due to the fact that over time this will deteriorate the finish. Absolutely no chemical cleaners are recommended. You want to pick up a hardwood floor cleaning kit and you can find them almost anywhere and are all relatively the same. I recommend Bona or Bruce as they are stocked at most Home Depot's, Walmart's , Stop and Shops, etc. Use these weekly or whenever you do your routine cleaning. Spills can always be wiped with a damp rag and clean water (be sure to squeeze out excess water though).

If your hardwood floor is taken care of correctly, your onsite floor finish should last many years to come. But realistically, we have kids, pets, parties, we walk on our floors daily, so they will get scratched and they will show wear and tear. The trick is to follow up periodically and perform a maintenance coat. I would say on average, every 3-5 years for residential and once or twice a year for commercial. All subject to traffic, cleaning habits, etc. You definitely want to catch it before the top layers of the finish are worn through to raw wood. A maintenance coat will restore the original shine, remove minor surface scratches, and add an extra layer of protection. This can be done relatively inexpensive and without major inconveniences. And now, with our great water base finishes you can be back on your hardwood floor same day. Keeping up with cleaning and maintenance coats ensures your floors will look beautiful for many years to come!