When we restore your hardwood floors, we'll sand them down to the raw wood. This allows us to add new stains and finishes to make your floors look brand-new again. But the sanding process can be messy. That's why we employ a dustless sanding technique.

We're one of the only contractors serving the New Bedford, Taunton, Fall River, Dartmouth, Westport and Middleborough, MA areas that offers dustless sanding.

Choose a cleaner sanding option

We use a special dustless sanding technique for hardwood floor restoration. The dustless sanding process involves:

- Laying down plastic in your home or office to keep things clean.
- Making sure your property is cleaner when we leave than it was when we started.
- Using a vacuum to collect any dust and chemicals that remain when the sanding is done.

Dustless sanding is designed to keep your home or office clean and neat. The dust and chemicals that result from wood sanding can affect your indoor air quality. Dustless sanding is a healthier option.

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